Membership Catagories

NOTE:  All delegates must possess (pre-register) a GMWA Convention Badge “before” registering in the Alliance.

Membership is Individual or Company | Artist

Broadcast Member (Radio & TV)

●   On-air Personality [Broadcast]

●   Music Director [Broadcast]

●   Program Director [Broadcast]

●   Television Cable Host

●   Record Manufacturers/Label Representatives

●   Media Owners/Managers

Music Industry

●   Independent Artist [Industry]

●   Independent Label [Industry]

●   Hip Hop Artist [Hip Hop Component]

●   Performance Rights Organizations

●   Wholesalers & Retailers (Book Store/Distributors)

Social Media

●   Social Media Technician

●   Email Broadcasters

●   Print Representatives/Regional & National Publicans


All members in this category must submit a certification letter on station letterhead signed by your immediate supervisor. This letter must accompany your pre-registration or on-site registration. Members who broker time must submit a letter signed by station's sales or general manager.

Companies registering in a particular category receive membership cards for two (2) representatives. Additional representatives may be pre-registered at $70 each up to 8 members.