About Us

The Alliance of Gospel Music Professionals is an auxiliary of GMWA. While we are an extended program autonomy, we are subject to the rules and regulations of the convention. WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS! All individuals and all companies representatives  who register to become  members of the Alliance must register as a member of the GMWA.

It is a voluntary association of Religious Announcers who have come together to address their common needs as professional broadcasters. This organization was born out of the lack of emphasis and concern placed on religious broadcasting, as well as religious broadcasters, by the nation's major broadcast and record industry conventions and associations.

Recognizing the above and sensing a tremendous need for a coalition that could serve to increase the effectiveness of religious broadcasters in America, the Guild was founded as an auxiliary of the Gospel Music Workshop of America in October of 1970.

For many years the GAG has experienced many milestone moments and yet it's members remain committed to it's central mission. No matter what their Gospel endeavors, through their continued service and giving both locally and nationally, they bring our motto of "One Voice, Crying in the Wilderness, the Coming and the Goodness of Christ," into an ongoing reality.

We invite you to travel with us as we continue on our journey to "Bless the Kingdom" and to bring Gospel Music to the forefront by way of the airwaves, printed media, TV, the Internet, and other forms of media.