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Alliance of Gospel Music Professionals

The Alliance is comprised of local “Associations” that will work to raise the level of proficiency and quality in the presentation of Gospel Music in specific geographic locations. Each Association will provide continuing skill development and empower members with knowledge, encouragement and spiritual replenishment. We invite you to unite with us to build a strong Alliance that will enhance the gospel music experience through terrestrial and internet radio, social and printed media, television and other media types while increasing the awareness, acceptance and penetration of Gospel Music across the world. 


Officers, Staff and Delegates:

You're the absolute best!

Thank you for your participation. The 47th Session of The Alliance of Gospel Music Professionals (formerly The Gospel Announcers Guild) was a huge success and brought congratulations from both the GMWA Chairman of the Board and our Alliance first-time attendees.  The GMWA Board of Directors was extremely impressed with the turn out and the great activities, such as, the panels, showcases, special presentations and educational experience offered to all.

We appreciate your positive attitude and your ability to motivate each other to contribute to our growing organization.  We especially want to give a special shout out to our ALLIANCE ASSOCIATION LEADERS and their respective members.  Without you we would not be. We are pleased to have you on our staff.

We all look forward to next year’s March Board Meeting and July’s 48th Session of The Alliance.

Wishing you the best till we meet again.

Dennis and Chris
President and Vice-President

773-445-9104 | gag-alliance@aol.com