2018 GMWA Board Meeting Golden Nugget Hotel - Las Vegas
2018 GMWA Board Meeting Golden Nugget Hotel Las Vegas
Bishop Albert Jamison

Alliance of Gospel Music Professionals

The Alliance is comprised of local “Associations” that will work to raise the level of proficiency and quality in the presentation.

“Pressing Through Industry Challenges and Changes”

During the 2021 Virtual Gospel Music Workshop of America (“GMWA”) The Alliance of the Gospel Music Professionals (“The Alliance”) will present and highlight the tasks the gospel music industry will face coming out of a pandemic and what challenges lie ahead. The Alliance will present strategies to cope with some of the issues related to exiting a pandemic that has so adversely affected the gospel music industry. Some of the panel discussions will also include healthcare professionals.

It's a new normal and The Alliance is getting the gospel music industry prepared!

The events of The Alliance’s fascinating and evocative showcases, panel discussions and presentations--featuring experts from the gospel music industry and beyond--are below.